Wedding Flatlays & Why They Are Special

Maybe you’ve heard the term ‘flatlay’ be thrown around (maybe not) but WHAT IS IT ACTUALLY and why are they so special!?

Wedding flatlays are a creative collage of all your important wedding details compiled together to create an incredible photograph (and video moment). Although flatlays do take a little extra time and planning, I personally love this shot because it truly captures a piece of your day and story that you’ll be able to forever look back on and remember. 

Interested in planning this shot with your wedding photographer? Yay! Make sure you communicate this with them before your big day so they can set aside time to curate and capture this moment! 

But you’re not out of the woods yet! This shot takes a little extra planning on your end as well to make sure your photographer has what they need. Prior to your big day we will need you to think about what items have a lot of meaning to you. What items will bring back memories 5,10,50 years from now? What items were important parts of your day and your story? 

Feeling stuck? Here are some great examples of what I’ve photographed in the past: 

Always a MUST: 

  • Your wedding bouquet/ florals
  • Both yours and your partners engagement & wedding rings
  • Wedding shoes
  • Wedding jewelry, hair clips, cufflinks, tie clips, suspenders
  • Your wedding invitation stationary

Additional items: 

  • Written vows/vow books, love letters
  • Your ‘something blue’
  • Your ring box (if it has meaning to you)
  • Important/special photographs of you two 
  • Special perfume/cologne that you’re wearing on your wedding day
  • Special makeup/lip gloss that you’re wearing on your wedding day
  • Anything that was customized for your wedding day (glasses, tie clip, jewelry etc)

Once you have your details together it’s best to place them in a small box and set aside for your photographer so they have everything when they show up on your wedding day. Better yet, assign this box to someone in your wedding party to be responsible for giving it to your photographer 🙂 

Flatlays are a way to showcase the small details of your wedding day that sometimes get overlooked and easily forgotten about over the years. They add an element of ‘aww remember that’ as the years as a married couple fly by and a way to beautifully capture a slice of your story in one place. Just remember, flatlays are not for everyone so don’t feel pressured into thinking ‘oh no, one more thing to add to my to do list!’. But if this photograph gets you excited then let’s chat more about how we can make it happen!

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