What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

The time has come! You’ve booked your dream wedding photographer and you finally get to meet them while taking some epic engagement photos… but then it hits you. The anxiety and stress of WHAT THE HECK DO WE WEAR! 

I get it, we’re not all fashion-istas. (I know I’m not!) So it can not only be difficult to figure out what you should wear but ALSO what your partner should wear to complement each other! 

Not to worry! I’m here to share some juicy tips to make this process as easy! 


  1. Keep it simple: 
    1. Think neutrals. It’s as easy as that. Neutrals are not only easy to coordinate with your partner but are also timeless and elegant. Neutrals go well in ANY setting – so if you choose to go hike deep into the forest or have a modern chic studio session it works for all! 
  1. Keep is comfortable:
    1. Your engagement session isn’t a time to try out new styles you’ve never worn. Trying new things may lead to wardrobe malfunctions or annoyance of uncomfortable fits/seams/straps etc… This is a time you want to feel GOOD, sexy, and confident! Make sure your outfit not only feels GOOD but YOU feel good in your outfit. 
  1. Keep is versatile: 
    1. It’s a plus if your outfit(s) are versatile – what do I mean? If you’re able to easily add and subtract pieces from your outfit it’ll help add so many fun looks to your final gallery! Think hats, fun jackets, different shoes, or even jewelry. 


  1. Don’t wear the same color as your partner. Try choosing a complementing neutral color or add a jacket to add some contrast. 
  1. Don’t wear super busy patterns, neons, or sparkles (unless this is your jam and the vision you’re going for) – these things are SUPER distracting and will take away from the stars of the show… YOU TWO. 
  1. Don’t wear something that doesn’t feel like you. I know it’s easy to jump onto Pinterest and search the hottest trends but at the end of the day you want to wear something that embodies who you are and makes you feel your best. 

Last but not least, remember that your engagement session is a super fun time to celebrate this next chapter of your relationship with the love of your life. Don’t over stress about the ‘perfect outfit’ when the only thing that matters is documenting the love you two share. 

Are you ready to start planning your engagement session? I’d love to help! 

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